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It seems like we have more willing photographers than there are shots on one of these cameras.

Can I suggest we split it up so that each country has its own camera? The APUGGERs from each country don't need to worry about sending it outside the borders and incurring high postage costs.

There may need to be a separate camera for the east and west coasts of USA, but otherwise there should be enough photographers from the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand to make it work on a "per country" basis.

What do you think?
I kinda liked the idea of one camera traveling the world, so to speak. Just my opinion though - would want to do what is best for everyone. Maybe we could do the first project and send it around to the first 26 (I think that's the number of exposures) folks who responded; Kind of like a first come, first served sort of thing. Then for the 2nd project, we could continue with the list. What do ya'll think?