I was there...it was a much bigger turn out than last time. I had a blast! I should have brought a bigger car...

I purchased:

1) Beseler 23 II XL Enlarger with 50mm and 75mm Voss lenses, bought from a gentlemen named jerry. Super friendly guy!
2) Darkroom Timer
3) Enlarger Easel (I know where the seller lives, but forgot the name! Think it was John. Also a super awesome guy!)
4) Olympus XA2 (eh...kinda wish I hadn't. Paid $40...i had camera lust...it got the best of my usually frugal ways).
5) Minolta XE (eh...kinda wish I hadn't...it's lightmeter is completely miscalibrated and will require an extensive repair)
6) Minolta 50mm F/1.7

went back and forth between deciding to buy a good condition Leica M6...but decided against continuing to buy 35mm stuff. I already have a Nikon FM2n and Canon A-1. I also have a yashicamat LM. i think I need to reduce the size of my 35mm collection...