Tim, I'm going with 32" for the bellows, my material will make a 36" with over lap so 32" will be fine. I'm trying hard not to buy ready-made products too. If I built it by buying new parts then I might as well buy a factory made camera.

I'm lucky to have some old wood holders, one taken apart which I've examined throughly and two 11x14 "glass plate" holders. When I got the film yesterday I measured it and then dropped it right into the plate holder and it's a dead ringer for the the glass. I'm sure it will be a challenge but I have the facilities to work at will and the motivation to do the work. I just put in an order for the materials needed for the light traps, slides and septum's. I was thinking of making single sheet holders but I'm heading for the double sided ones.

It's going to take some time to make them and I have no illusions as to the complexity involved.

Thanks Jim for the offer, how's the 14X17 working out for you? Got them hangers made yet? I check last night to see how the film handles. When dry it's fine but when it's wet it's susceptible to scratches and scrapes. I did a job on one just to see. With care it's OK though. I've wasted a couple of sheets but at 50 cents a sheet there's no lost sleep. I've got 98 left in the box, better order some more.

Back to the salt mine.