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Assuming you mean pinhole 2.25 inches from the film, no. That spacing affects the field of view and can be varied over a huge range. 2.25 should give a moderate wide angle. The only issue is that the pinhole size needs to be different for optimum results if you make large changes in that spacing.

My Bronica SQ-A (a 6x6) with the "SQ-Hole" body cap adapter has a pinhole to film plane distance of about 90 mm and produces a field of view fairly similar to the 80 mm lens. A wider angle of view would be cool, but working with an SLR, mirror clearance limits the closest allowable spacing.
Exactly! The PINHOLE is 2.25 inches away. I like a nice wide angle - and moderate is just peachy. Well....I'll have time to paint it and then get to work! Or fun, rather. Photography isn't work for me.