I bought some frozen 11x14 RTP dated 2000 about 3-4 years ago on ebay. I just got around to testing it- got it developed at Duggal. (just in case anyone else still has some 11x14 E6, Duggal doesn't have 11x14 hangers- they hang it off a roll film hanger and use roll film clips- but C-Lab claims they do have 11x14 hangers) I didn't expect much but the test came out with perfect color and perfect exposure- skin tones, kodak gray scale, kodak color chart- with a (graphite/white) oil painting in the background using Hedler lights. Lens used was a Goerz Apochromat Artar. The blacks looked perfectly black- didn't look like it lost a speck of density to age. I spent more than 25 years evaluating E6 film working at Duggal, L&I and Westside Labs- so this was a shock actually. From my experience, transparency film never stands up this well. Now I too have to figure out a worthy project with the remaining 48 sheets. I used to shoot tungsten 4x5 a lot at night for long exposures (1 hour and longer) and the sky became the deepest blue I ever saw on E6 film.