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Agreed the lines and such buried inside the machine can be a source of contamination. Cleaning those is a bitch. replacing them might be easier.

Did you ever set up replenishment?

Once I get it up and running I can make usually 12 to 15 different 8x10 prints per hour

I have a filthy CP-51 I need to clean up and get running someday soon. It was relatively cheap, but needs a full freshening, including some new rollers I think.

I cleaned the lines by having the bottom off the machine, and propping it up on spacers on the side to let it be run with the bottom off. (Use a GFCI on the electrical supply line for sure,)

I then filled the tanks with quite hot water - about 50C. (I know Fujimoto warns against this, and it can cause the plastic to sag. No racks were in place to weigh the top down.)

I then ran the tank and pump circuts on hot water, and would squeeze and massage and flex every inch of tubing that I could. Oh the flakes that yielded. I progressivelt would ladle out dirty water and add fresh water until gradually it ran ok. I then turned the heaters on, put it back together, added rollers and racks and fed it dilute toilet bowl cleaner for 12 hours at a time for a few days, then ran it on water several times. The racks and roller assemblies needed separate scrubs with nylon dish pot scrubbing pads and lots of paper towels to come clean.

I am now religious in draining it and feeding it a water rinse before final drain for the night.

Once I retire and can use it more regularly I plan on re-activating the replenishment lines. I have a dual chamber pump salvaged from a Kreonite roller machine that I can dial to pump the right volumes. I am comfortatble grafting an interface from the Fujimoto data line level to power the Kreonite 120VAC replenishment pump.

For now I pop the cover and add 80mL of Kodak RA-RT replenisher after 4 prints typically. It is great long lived chemistry for roller processors.

I love mine most when I have to do prints from a group portrait where I need to pound out a lot of colour prints in a hurry. Four to five times a year I get a job doing communuty theatre production cast pictures. It is not unusual then to make 25-30 8x10's from the same negative.

Good luck on sourcing new rollers. I shudder the day when I need to find OEM parts for this well made machine. I am sure they are both rare and expensive.

I already swap the staineless or whatever roller tensioning springs with square rubber motor drive belts of the right length from the electronics parts wholesaler when the OEM part embrittles and breaks.

The PC boards on my machine have had all electrolytic capacitors replaced, because its operation was getting flaky . I have also tried soldering a new battery in for tank digital thermostats. You have three of these in the CP-51 I think.