OK! I've had some positive response, so here goes:

The place is a small beach in eastern CT, not the "almost-New York" end of the state, but the poorer, more scenic (IMHO) part. New London, the small city next door has some interesting architecture, there are two large estates (here and here)turned state park locally located and a weird old sanitarium/asylum right on the shore. The beach is protected, has tidal areas for kids to wade about in while looking for crabs, large sandbars for walking out, etc. and some rocky bits for dramatic effect. : >)
Oh, there is a nuclear power plant there too (Millstone,) but we don't talk about that part much…

The house where we forgather is a small, simple cottage about 1/2 mile from the beach, built by my father-in-law in the 40's. We own it with two of my wife's brothers. It has a very shady lot, a quiet neighborhood and not much else. Hey, indoor plumbing is enough, right?

We have tents and picnic tables, but seating is a welcome addition when there is a crowd, and I hope we get a big one on the 25th!

PM me for more info or to tell me you'll be there.