I just shot some FP-3000B last night and was a little dissapointed in the lack of good rich blacks and bright whites. When buying the film pack at the shop, I saw a bunch of little Instax color pictures they had on display and was amazed at them. In fact, I thought they were fake. They had very good contrast and sharpness, way different from how I remember SX-70.

The last time I used the b&w Polaroid was in 1968. I recall back then that even after coating the prints with the clear stuff the dmax was not all that great and the whites were not all that good. I thought it may have been the camera or the lens, but now I have a very nice Polaroid 250 with a clear lens and just thought I'd be getting results more like the Instax pictues I saw.

Any thoughts on this from the regular B&W instant film users? What is the best that I can expect from the Fujifilm FP-3000B?