I have no problem RA-4 printing or scanning Ektar. The film is quite sensitive and if you over-expose it, the negatives will get dense but no color shift, just a change in contrast if you under or over expose and/or develop. It is a saturated, contrasty film but in a good way. I've used it on people indoors and out, street scenes, landscapes and it seems to work well. I'm still comparing it to Portra 160 and Fuji Reala to see what I prefer. It seems that Reala goes a bit pastel with overexposure while Ektar stays contrasty but blocks up. The Ektar gives you more control while the Reala seems to bit more forgiving of exposure errors. Portra 160 is good stuff and quite versatile. All are quite scannable and printable but often need little color corrections on the filter pack, dichroic head or scanner.