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parkpy - a severe case of GAS, if ever there was.

I got

1) A way cool series filter adapter and 3 size 6 filters for my Zeiss. Now I need to find a translation from wratten system to modern filter numbers.
2) UV and Skylight filters in both 46mm and 48mm for the Mamiya (was hoping to find some yellow, orange or red, too).
3) Fuji Finepix point and shoot with 35-140mm zoom for my wife who is coming back from digital.

A seller, Dan (don't know his last name) whom I have run into several times and is the president of the Colorado stereo camera group, showed me how series adapters work. Another guy let me handle his baby Graflex and showed how all the different components work. For the first time I got a really good look at a complete Toyo. Made mostly of plastic, it was amazingly light. There were several cameras I might have purchased if I hadn't already committed to the Mamiya tlr system this spring.
hopefully we can meet at the next one!

There might not have been too many deals on cameras, but other stuff like darkroom stuff was a good deal to me. Now just need a enlarger timer, three trays and tongs...and a second bathroom.