Aurora Fire Station #3, Community Room
3172 Peoria St (just south of I-70 on Peoria) Entrance door is on the north side, as is the parking lot.

May Program
Bring your prints and slides to share with all of us. We will start off with the images taken on world wide pinhole day then show the others. Share with the group information as to what camera you used, film etc. for your pinhole images.

If you didnít do pinhole, bring a couple of your images for discussion and member critique.

If you have a photograph that is giving you problems be sure to bring it. As we discuss it you will probably get several ideas on how it could be changed to get what you were originally after.

If time permits, we will have the Square Table discussion (on any photographic subject) where you can ask questions and get answers from the rest of us.

We would also like to hear where you favorite spots are for summer photography.