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Lots of finger pointing at the price of silver, which is in a wobble at the moment, shedding 24%++ over the last month and still falling Seems investors and speculators want high-performing currencies now...
Kodak's lack of competitiveness is its major weakness in the global market.
You hit the nail on the head with your last sentence. Kodak has been introducing cameras and other tech like printers behind the curve, and advertising cheap low cost digicams, with lack luster specs and quality. As well as dumping ad money into the most random celebrities (take a look at kodak1000 words).

As for the silver and aluminum, Kodak's buyers should have been intelligent enough to have known to buy and price their silver though set forward contracts, as a hedge that should have started alongside the rise of precious metals commodity prices (like gold a few years back, in the recession). A large buyer like kodak would have been shielded somewhat from the majority of the spike in commodities trading and the recent drop is great for them aswell. You cant do much with aluminum as the market is incredibly broad, except either absorb the cost or pass it onto consumers.

Kodak needs to either acquire a tech firm with a capability to leap the curve in tech, refocus their brand image clearly, and not discount their long standing film user base (their site used to have much more info for film users, and the deletion of film lines), or develop a film product thats cheaper than silver based ones.

A recent resurgence of film users, is something Kodak should foster and promote. Not the cheapo digi cams which are and will be replaced by cell phone cameras.