Proof that Herb Keppler's ghost still has editorial pull at PopPhoto.

Still, it's nice to see them take a break from writing breathless infomercials for their top ad clients. The list is a bit odd, though, for both inclusions and omissions, along with lapses of judgement:

1. Bronica SQ: Problems finding 120 backs and certain lenses(wides,110/4.5 macro,135mm and 180mm) are pricey and scarce relative to 80mm and 150mm lenses. SQa models are gettin' old. WLFs are expensive. Only affordable 6x6 SLR alternative to Hasselblad. Get an SQ-B: newer, cheaper.

2.Late model Canon EOS, like Nikon N90s F100 and F5 bodies, are really cheap now and enormously capable.

3.Canon AE-1:best selling 35 SLR of all time according to old PopPhoto articles in the industry's peak sales year(1980). Ancient and squeeky.

4.Fujifilm GA645: like all Fuji plastic MF rangefinders, no parts or support from Fuji.

5. Hasselblad: more friends have sick/dead Hassies than live ones; most can't afford lenses aside from an 80mm.

6.Leica R series: get a Nikon or Canon AF kit. Only for label junkies.

7.Mamiya 645 Pro(Super/ProTL):slandered as plasticky but mine have survived intact.Good glass, reliable, cheap. A best MF buy?

8. Nikon FM10: WTF? Why bother when you can get mint FE, FM2n, N90s bodies for peanuts?

9.Nikon N80: Clueless. Again, an N90s (or N8008s if you're truly broke)is more flexible than this clunker. Takes expensive and not-available-everywhere CR123 batteries, not cheap and ubiquitous AAs.

10.Pentax 67: Had one, loved, it, left it for the RB67 Pro S. Low synch speed and no swapple film backs were the deal breakers, not size and weight. Great glass.