I have been testing some of the Fomalux 111 fiber paper for my large format printing and have really been liking the results so far. I ended up settling on using a 40 watt household bulb at 36" for a base exposure in the 13 to 15 second range.

The next step in my journey was to selenium tone some of the fomalux 111 prints. I wanted to share my tests so far and see if anyone could confirm what I am seeing or provide me some feedback.

I first tried the selenium at a 1:20 for 4 minutes. The results were subtle as expected but were in the brown/copper tonal range. Not what I was expecting.

I decided to try and go to the other end of the spectrum from the very light 1:20 at 4 minutes to 1:10 at 1 hr. The tone and color was in fact significantly different. Whereas the 1:20 at 4 seconds was very subtle the 1:10 at 1 hr was immediately evident. The odd thing is the tone is still in the brown/copper range. I was expecting the shift towards blue/purple but not even close. The test print at 1:10/1 hr is actually very nice, just not what I was expecting.

This is a brand new bottle of Ilford Harmon Selenium and the first time I have used the Harmon Selenium. I followed the instructions that Ilford provided with the spec sheet in the box (holding bath at +39F, toner at 68F, 2nd holding bath at +39F) and then wash again. I am scratching my head and wondering if anyone else has been able to achieve the traditional blue/purple tone with Ilford Selenium and Fomalux 111 fiber paper?

I am going to make some prints on Ilford MG IV paper today and tone at 1:10 for 10+ minutes to ensure I can get my normal tones expected. At this point I have to guess it is this paper taking on these odd toning characteristics but would like to confirm with others.

Any input based on your experience with the Fomalux paper and selenium toning would be appreciated.