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I'm not going to try and stock up for a lifetime as I can't afford to do so and don't want to risk a lifetime of frozen film and paper to a 3-day power failure or something like that (three days of diesel generator backup? no, No, NO). Sure, I stock up on a few pro packs now and then but I can shoot a pro pack of 120 in an afternoon easily.
If you stock film in your freezer, and you have a power 3-day power failure, you just eat very fast what was in the freezer (that's good to eat if you don't re-freeze it) and you just re-freeze your film when the power is resumed. AFAIK you can freeze, defreeze and re-freeze film as many times as you want.

People who buys bulk rolls sometimes defreeze the bulk roll, wait some hours, roll their owns, and then re-freeze the bulk roll.