Hi Umut,

First thing I'm curious about is why PT/PD would be copy-able in this manner, since it is simply a monochrome print process and thus can be printed with any negative. Thus, there is no filter or color information that will lead to its look, aside from the tone that you choose in software.

As for Autochrome & Kodachrome, well, I think you might be able to achieve those colors in this manner. If your separation filters & emulsion response can be matched to these processes, and the tone can be accurately matched with software, then your only barrier will be the logistics of making the separation negatives. That will require a still subject and a sturdy tripod.

Or you can find an old Curtis Tri-Color Camera

I hope that is helpful, but I'm not 100% on this stuff.

As a test, take a color photograph from flickr or somewhere, preferably from a color-negative (better color correction), and separate it into the RGB monochrome images. Then, apply the appropriate color from an Autochrome screen element, using the curves that you have posted before, and see what it looks like. It wouldn't be a complete test, but it might tell you if it's worth pursuing.