I have received 20 of the 25 cards, right! are nice, funny, melancolic, suggestive, illustrative ... etc.

Gurkenprinz: funny composition! How many did you take before you decide? I mean the beer ...
George Nova Scotia: a little light that is between two worlds ...
Dave Martiny: I like the white lines with the perfect shades of gray!
Drpsilver: Darwin your nickname always reminds me of "Treasure Island"! beautiful moonlight very well executed!
Laurent: Paris oh! Paris! has a lot of beautiful pictures! Sometimes we forget how beautiful everyday ... beautiful textures full of gray!
Lillian Sly: I like the feeling of cold that renders your card! in my town most of the year's hot!
Moopheus: nice combination of gray and different spellings perfectly executed.
Tim Gray: sharp, well composed, perfect tones and those eyes that remind me of my dog ​​... a griffin with a look very similar.
MattKing: I like the postcard! whenever I see a tree in this situation I get, read and play ... I think as he could finish the history behind! ... although I do not like to hurt anyone!
Rob Skeoch: Woooowwww! beautiful colors! beautiful eyes! beautiful shapes! Do you know the girl? lucky you! and she also ... I guess.
Gordrob: when I got the e-mail cost me see the details! and then wooww! that cold! and they work! beautiful gray!
Lorifrommontana: beautiful, melancholy ride! beautiful tree! perfect composition! in my town only has snowed 7 or 8 times in 50 years! I love snow.
Mick Fagan: are things we see often ... but hold great beauty ... you've captured very well. Perfect composition and beautiful shades of gray.
Oxleyroad: I like to think that the fingerprint belongs to someone while walking thought about something nice. I like the contrast of the stones with sand!
Roger Thoms: bucolic image! well executed! black beautiful downtown area! a classic among classics! I love it!
Mark Rewald: Nice framing! Postal very clear and beautiful sky! I like the tones and makes me want to get in to see what I find!
BlackDog: picture perfect! has almost everything! could be any photography book! I think a lot of fun in the game are different than girls!
Rst pinhole perfect! from darkness to light! good contrast ... good tones ... good subject. I imagine that people walked ah! I like it.
Anikin: yes! much work makes it unique and beautiful! I would have liked to walk through the landscape that skillfully catches!.
Mike Wilde: Three beautiful pictures reminiscent of situations and locations. Very well executed!

I like all I get! there is no postcarad that I dislike! I love these exchanges! thanks everyone!