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On second thought, let's wait until Sile chimes in about the film and logistics, as this is her baby!

Sile: Nikon camera in hand and testing it now!
That's great news about the Nikon Shawn! And it sounds like a lovely one.. though if this is my baby.. does that mean you're the father???

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So if you want to shoot only the Nikon, I'll have Sile send Camera 6 back here for refurbishment or retirement. If we are shooting two cameras, well, good luck. *L*

tim in san jose
I'm all for the two camera idea personally.. it's a nightmare start, but means everyone that expressed interest can join in.. Tim is the SureShot ok to send off again without changing the battery or should I change it before it goes anywhere??

Is everyone in agreement with the two camera round? Maybe the same film in both cameras.. I did love the colour and hues of the Ektar100 but genuinely do not mind what film is used.. I'll go with popular opinion!