I got my vaccum system with an enlarger and a bunch of other stuff that i was given. One is a home-brewed wooden guy that's basically a wooden box with one side being that type of board that has holes in it (for storage and organization stuff, i forget the name), and one of the sides has a hole in it for the vaccuum tube. The other board is best described as a portion of an air hockey table. They both work well, and i have used them quite a bit. The thing with using vaccuum boards is that you have to mask off the vaccuum where the paper isn't so that you don't lose pressure. Also for a vaccuum motor, just keep your eye out at garage sales/etc. I was just looking online, and walmart sells a small shopvac for 25$. This would be a good option because the shop vac will have a good amount of power. The vacuum that i currently use is a beseler "blower" which was an accessory for the dichro heads. The guy who used it for vaccuum board stuff had flipped the polarity on the motor so it is now a beseler "sucker". Unfortunatley, i find it doesn't have enough pressure, particularly for fiber paper. However it does work ok for RC paper. I plan to pick up one of those wal-mart shop vacs soon, to use that. I will report back on how it performs if you'd like.