I've gotta confess that, although I've shot pinhole on mainly paper for the last 15 years, and love large format, just this last week I received in the mail the Pinwide body cap for the micro-4/3 digital cameras, and have begun to explore its possibilities.

The idea with this pinhole cap is that the u-4/3 cameras are mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, and the Pinwide is a recessed conical-shaped cap that places the pinhole a mere 11mm from the sensor, giving a truly wide angle of view, something not possible before in digital pinhole. Here's a coupla images to give you an idea. I used a tripod of course, and also the camera's self-timer to settle out any movement prior to exposure, as I had fogotten my remote release cable.

Converted to B/W in post:


My better half: