Dear all participants, I'm deeply sorry it took me such a long time to give feedback. I had a few difficulties during the period of this round, including the old "I can't decide which one of my negatives to print". Most of my new work was experimental and although I believe I learned a lot, because of the nature of these photos, they didn't really turn out well and I was also rather confused about the way I wanted to print them. Luckily a friend of mine helped me in choosing an image to send so I'll hopefully be able to get to printing them next weekend. This time it's going to be printed on RC paper to get the work done in a short time, not to get even less polite. In the meanwhile, here are the cards I've received:

Mick Fagan: A nice photo, with lovely tones. It makes a nice duo with the card you sent for Round 19.

Lori: Congrats on your new home darkroom! Interesting selective focus effect.

Rai: Quite an unusual print for me who's used to more regular strips of negatives. I like how the different images blend together, this works really well here.

Gordrob: A chilly sport indeed, but he seems to do all right.

BlackDog: I like how this photo illustrates the free nature of the moment.

Anikin: A good detail of nature and I really liked the tone of the print.

Vyshemirsky: Another nice detail of nature. Good tonality.

Oxleyroad: I like how this composition balances smaller, playful details and larger elements.

Dave Martiny: A truly appealing tonality which harmonises well with the smooth nature of the plant. Good work.

Meltronic: Your photo was an instant favourite. I like how the dear brings motion in the otherwise static scene. Also the somewhat retro edge pattern was great, it's been a long time since I saw some one cutting them on paper.

George Nova Scotia: I like this composition with the crossing lines in the foreground. I value the luminousity which is not so easy to achieve in a print, great.

Mark Rewald: The portrait format worked well here dividing the foliage, the barn and the sky well.

hpully: I still remember my excitement when I took the first look at this print, nice composition and that great micro contrast is eye-catching.

Azzy: A simple but good photo with good tones.

Seadrive: I keep this one next to my computer on my desktop, it's truly eye-catching. This print just has a suberb quality. A lovely print, thanks!

Marianne: I can imagine how bugs love the numerous little branches of the tree. A great use for the vintage Kodak.

Fleath: This is one of my favourites. Good framing and it looks great on matt paper with selenium. Thank you, Alex.

Rob Skeoch: The first photo I have in my hands taken with this exciting lens. She's a great subject in front of the colourful background.

Mattking: A good capture, I'm happy you spotted it (them).*

Lillian Sky: This photo is relaxing with its smoothness and subject, despite the fact it must have been rather cold out there.

Bex: A great image with a definite atmosphere. Old Tri-X seems to be doing fine, it just reached it's golden age.

Crispin: A nice coastal image, it is rather surprising to look at this Velvia image when I browse through this round's mostly monochrome cards.

Tim Gray: I like how the lines of the sofa and blanket frame Max's head, a good environmental portrait, I like it.

Uwe Pilz: I know the elephant house in the Budapest zoo, I visit it a few times each year. Your embossed signature is always a nice touch, thanks you.

Christan: An excellent capture of the moment. I see your Hungarian is fairly good, appreciated.

Laurent: A great capture, this tiny piece of ice to me resembles a delicate bird.

Kraker: It's not so easy to make the composition interesting with such a superwide, but I definitely think you succeeded. Thanks.

Drpsilver: I like the atmosphere also of this photo. Your card arrived in a slightly weathered condition, with a piece of its surface missing in the centre, but this only adds to the image rather than taking away from it.

Ozphoto: A classic photo which makes me smile every time I look at it.

JohnnyWalker: I like how this photo represents the harmony of nature and man (and family).

Moopheus: Lovely little detail, nice shot.

Greg Coan: Also this photo captures the spirit of summer well.

Craig Cross: A nice, calm landscape. Black borders can sometimes be edgy, but I like them.

Kevin Kehler: I personally don't think this photograph is soft, instead I see a lovely tonal range with delicate highs and mids.

Rüdiger: A very nice composition, I like the ballance of straight lines and curves.

Rtbadman: I like how this image combines softer and stronger qualities.

Mike Wilde: For some reason your envelope arrived to me open (which was put in another envelope by our postal service). I like the fact you sent us three different cards, all on old paper.

Once again, thanks everyone and my apologies for the massive delay. I hope I'm not going to test your patience much further.