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Thank you all for your comments.
I do process to archival standards, but the idea has appealed to me and it's something I'd appreciate if I were the buyer.

Ok, these are a couple blunt question designed to see if a warrantee makes sense from a business point of view,

I might appreciate a warrantee too but warrantees are really only typical on "generic" items that compete with similar items.

So, first question;

Is the product you are offering generic and competing with other "off the shelf" items?

If not you don't need a warrantee.

Another version of this question is

Are you selling the paper or the picture?

This is mostly a question about volume, in the generic market 1000s are printed, the value of 1 of these prints is really small, it is easily warranteed.

If you plan only to be making 5 prints of that one shot in your lifetime, the rarity and how it ages is part of the value. If you print more you actually lower the value of the original 5.

Second question;

Second; Will you make more money because you offer a warrantee?

If not, from a business point of view the warrantee is a problem.