Hey guys, sorry it's been so long between posts, majorly stupidly busy working on getting Honours things right!
Anyway tell me what you think they did to achieve this lighting - again another 70s image, different to the first, but still to my eye has a dated look which I'm trying to replicate.
Greybeard - were you saying that in the 70s basically noone used softboxes yet? And that the only way to soften shadows was with lots of reflectors? I totally agree, it is a subtle thing which you've picked up on and that is that the shadows need to be there for us to read that it is a 70s image. What I'd like to know is what equipment was typical of the time which would have been making those shadows.
You mentioned aluminium reflectors? Are they the predecessors of the silvery fabric ones we have today? I just want a time machine to go back and see what they used for this shoot! haha