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Second question;

Second; Will you make more money because you offer a warrantee?

If not, from a business point of view the warrantee is a problem.
Also be aware that large businesses that have warranty issues, like Ford Motors or Electrolux, factor expected warranty costs into the cost of the goods and then rat hole funds into an account for this. (Yes, I know that the account is just a line a a ledger so it's isn't like a separate savings account in the bank. It's the same way Social Security is kept in Washington so it must be safe, right.)

If you're going to open this door, then you'd better not only sequester funds for it, because some fool is going to come back asking for it. But you'd better make sure you have the details about consequential damages disclaimed in a way that's accurate for your jurisdiction. Otherwise I'll go claim that your pictured turned brown on my wall, and I missed an important job promotion because my boss thought it looked bad, so you owe me lost wages. Just sayin'.