One thing that might actually require some work from you is the color palette for two reasons.

First, when I look at family snaps from the '80s and I compare with what my pictures look like today, I can see there's a huge step in terms of colour fidelity. If you look at the photo you have posted, the colours are rather brownish, muted, badly separated, and lack brilliance (goodbye yellow! hello brown!). Simulating this lack of quality with today's film can be very hard: they're just too good. Perhaps drugstore films like Kodak Color Plus (worst stuff you can find on the market today) can help.

Second, I suspect the photo you posted was taken from a magazine. That's how most people experience commercial photos. The offset printing process matters a lot too. Not before the 80s were CMYK separations routinely made via laser scanning. Finding someone today who can/wants to do analog CMYK is next to impossible, so your best bet would be to simulate the result.

Lighting is just one tiny part of the equation. Composition, angle of view, negative space (look at that shadow framing the shot), clothes (motifs!!), colour palette, makeup, all work together to make "The Look".