I have measured with my mapping software at work that it is a 3.5 mile hike and the access road from I-80 is close to 8.2 miles long. The hike includes off angle sandstone up to 25-30 Degrees of slope in some portions as you approach the wave area.
I understand that people with bad or weak ankles that will want to pay attention to every step once they are on side sloping slickrock for 1/4 of the distance.
My wife is not a camper so a hotel room after will be mandatory.
Google earth helps alot with previews, examples, angles and ideas (but you do become aware of what has been done before and I dont want to duplicate).
we do plan on a large light umbrella and some small collapsible chairs during the heat as there seems to be no indication of shade around the wave and I am looking for a good large brimmed hat. (any recommendations?) Light comfortable hiking shoes and sunglasses with shorts and a shirt with a rain jacket in the pack is mandatory of course.
We only have Sunday to access this place so our plan is to hike in before dawn work like mad in the good light, and explore shadows and high contrast compositions during the day and hike back in the subdued light of the evening (wife will be itching to leave by then where as I could stay till after dusk happily).
I understand Buckskin gulch, nearby, has wonderful opportunities as well, would it be worth a repeat trip?

Thanks Robert, I will pick your mind when i get some time away from work!
have been reading about variable contrast printing and am excited for your workshops this summer!!

I am slowly discovering that my favorite part of using Film comes from thinking more about the whole process in the journey and not just the destination of an image.