the tissue I purchased from Mr Berger was pre sensitized, we used the tissue straight out of the box to exposure,
I am interested in what you think about this.
In fact I talked to Sandy King and I am interested in both your thoughts on how to produce the tissue so that you do not have to sensitize at time of exposure.
I was hoping to get you both together on this topic in the near future as Ultra Stable is very high on my bucket list.

Chris.. I will leave this thread for awhile as I am in one of the most busiest periods right now at work and cannot give this thread much attention, but I did send Mr Berger an email requesting some info,,, who knows maybe he will reply.
I will be back in the loop in a week or two , keep digging as much as you can as this is an amazing process.

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I have a large roll of the receiver sheet here. It is still made last I looked on the internet. The roll I have is opaque base virtually identical to the Ciba/Ilfochrome support.

The colors like this are often created from either natural pigments or from metallized dyes which are complexes of dyes and metal salts. Either way, some of these can be quite toxic as for example the yellow once used Cadmium Yellow as the coloring pigment. The raw "glop" can still be purchased. The last I handled these was at the Formulary where they had a stock of them for making colored carbon transfers in workshops. They are still sold, according to what I have been told, but by whom I do not know.