When I saw the pigments at the Formulary, Sandy King was standing next to me along with Bud. They described that these were pigments used in making up the carbon Glop and as such were stable mixtures. They were about the consistency of paint and came in 6 colors plus black. Bud had partially full 1 L bottles (not for sale) that had apparently been used in one of Sandy's workshops which had just finished that week.

A book on color photography, by Leadly and Stegmeyer, describes this and several other color processes akin to Dye Transfer.

A google search for Ultra Stable will show you a company in California that makes the reflective support. I have a roll about 4 ft x 25 ft. Mark Osterman and I have been using it as a support for our various print experiments. I took a short roll of it over to his home about 2 weeks or so ago for him to make some prints on.