What format do you shoot? I may be able to accomodate you for 35mm or 120. Heck I can even have you printing as long as the negs are not larger than 6x6.

I have a 'darkroom kit in a couple of boxes' in the basement, in addition to my own overflowing darkroom gear.

I pull these 'kit darkrooms' together out of garage sale, estate sale, craigslist and auction buys that I make when the price is right.

When I find someone who I think can make good long term use of it, I give it to them. I have done this four or five times in the last, oh, six years now.

Since you are talking short term, I can loan it out on $80 deposit, and then hope you want the cash back when you are heading on.

If not, and the stuff gets tossed, then I can start hunting again for the next darkroom kit on your $80.

I think the kit consists of all of the gear you need to get started, to develop and enlarge, in B&W, apart from any extension cord needed to the timer and safelight, blackout means, and a wash tray.
My first darkroom got black with the purchase of a roll of tape and aluminum foil in my teenage bedroom many years ago, so it can be done. I would wash in a dish pan in the laundry tub or bathtub.

It can certainly get you started. It has one tank ( I seem to remember) presently, but if you forsee shooting a lot more, I think I have other idle tanks that can up your processing capacity.

Flick me a PM if interested. I can likely get you started with chemistry and paper as well from what I have stored/horded (my view or my wife's) in the basement.

I am out in the west end of Mississuaga (QEW/403 junction area), but semi regularly treck past your 401/404 area on trips to take my kids to visit Grandpa out in southeast Scarborough if you are public transit bound while in town. I will be away holidaying in the first couple of weeks of July.