Alex, I interpret the RVP reference as Velvia.

If so, I have 5 rolls of 35mm Velvia 50 and also a couple of rolls of 35mm Kodak Ektachome 100VS. In my freezer for quite a few years/but I think less than a decade. I find I am not a huge saturated colour fan so it does not get used by me often. Say $4 per roll?

I also think I have 3 rolls of 220 Velvia 100. Say $6 per roll?

Let me know what you are keen on, and I will work at remebering to dig it out and bring it. I am flexible on price if you agree to take a wack of other stuff I am working on offloading.

I presently find that I have a hard time listening to the little voice in my head wanting to buy more gear when the rest of me is running out of room to gracefully tuck away what I have already.

I was not planning to drag this floor standing enlarger to the swap meet, but it is available to move on:

A Durst Laborator 138 5x7" enlarger with 5x7 condensors, functional bulb and multiformat maskable glass neg carrier. There are a couple of (Schneider I think) lenses to cover 5x7 and (I think) 6x7, or maybe quarter plate.

It comes apart to be feasibly transported, but it is a bit much to take just on speculation of a sale.