Metanil yellow , sodium salt of M Sulfo Benzene Azo diphenyl amine color index 138

PY138 Quinophthalone Yellow C.I. Pigment Yellow 138;
Gafast Pigment Yellow 138 - OP;
Gafast Pigment Yellow 138 - TR ;
Isoindoline Yellow;
Lithol Fast Yellow;
Paliotol® Yellow K 0961 HD;
Permanent Lemon Yellow [PF.w];
Permanent Yellow [DR];
Pigment Yellow;
Quinopthalone Yellow [GU];
Rape Yellow 56300 Isoindoline;
Gafast Pigment Yellow 138 - OP (Tech Sheet Reference);
Gafast Pigment Yellow 138 - TR (Tech Sheet Reference);

CAS 30125-47-4
Very light, bright, greenish to reddish yellow*;


1-3* I 19-43 A
MSDS * The reddish yellow shade is extremely opaque. The greenish shade is transparent and has higher tinctorial strength (Ref).