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PE, I get the feeling that you and Henry Wilhelm don't agree on some things ? ? Also, when talking about longevity, you're mainly questioning the support, not the carbon colors themselves, right?
Everything I said was either learned by experimentation or in the ICIS short course on Image Stability that I took in 2006. The course was taught by an ANSI image stability committee member, and Henry Wilhelm was also an ANSI committee member at that time. I met Henry when he gave his first talk in the 80s, and he and I toured the Image Permanence Institute at RIT together and talked about image stability for nearly 3 hours in 2006, the day I took that course. I can say that I see both sides of this picture and there is no agreement in the industry on this. Since both methods give quite different results though, I have to take a wait and see attitude and point out both positions.

I hope you see my POV.

As for the later comments here by Mr. Berger, there are some points that I would differ with. For example, Ilfochrome does retain some of the dye fragments after processing, just as Kodak and Fuji products wash out most harmful ingredients and leave behind dye stabilizers. I agree with his comments on the stability of supports. Much has been done on the stability of Kodak and Fuji supports, but what has been done on the UltraStable suppor?

Again, we just have to wait and see.