Davec, thanks for posting the link over to your DPUG thread. I saw that but haven't had a chance to read the whole thing. As for what I paid for these sheets... only shipping actually! I have a very generous collaborator who is helping me to develop the dichromated-gelatin dye-transfer process and he knew of my interest in color carbon. I wouldn't let the lack of commercially available color-carbon tissues discourage you from trying to make your own. Not sure of the current state, but the folks at Bostick & Sullivan were working on it, and if we can find a good source for the pigments, it's something worth trying on our own.

I suspected the use of a diazo sensitizer, which is something I know very little about, only that it is used in screen printing and a diazo sensitizer is available through Speedball. Does it have properties similar to dichromates? For instance, could a monochrome carbon printer be just as satisfied with this kind of sensiziter or are there limitations? It's nice to know that there might be an alternative to the inevitable day when dichromates become outlawed (fingers cross-linked.... carbon joke there...)

Ok, so knowing this, I'm looking forward to the lab manual. In my ignorance, I might've tried to clear the print with sodium bisulfite.

Somewhere I read that continuous tone negatives are just as suited for U.S., but are there any caveats in using them?

Lastly, I'm curious how Luis Nadeau fits into the picture. For being the leading author on the topic of color carbon, I'm surprised his name hasn't popped up yet.

Thanks for everyone who is contributing to the thread.