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Your 2 cents is most appreciated. Do you know if he made these tissues himself? It'd be really interesting to compare the hue of these against the UltraStable sheets. I hope you can get around to doing color soon.

As per melinex, it is interesting to think that we invented these materials within the last 60 years (+/-) and therefore how can we really know if they'll last. Hopefully though... because I just bought a 1000' of polyester film sleeving.

PE, I get the feeling that you and Henry Wilhelm don't agree on some things ? ? Also, when talking about longevity, you're mainly questioning the support, not the carbon colors themselves, right?

To me, the idea of using a high quality artist's paper is the most fool proof in terms of longevity. This, we know about.

When transferring the carbon layers to the UltraStable receiving film, does it adhere to the pure melinex, and the opaque backing is on the other (base) side? Or is there an opaque subbing layer on the carbon/"emulsion" side?
There is a lot of knowledge about one of the finest printing methods I've ever seen in this thread. Like Bob said anyone who is a serious printer should be following with interest.

I have transferred my carbons to Melinex with no prep to the surface at all either side. I'm saving what I have for color work in the future. There is a huge learning curve for me I think.