Hi there, I almost splashed out on a konica S2 the other day - until I realised how big it was! (You could knock a mugger out with that amount of solid steel). Now that i've realised my error (and finally gotten round to a bit of research) it seems as though all the smaller rangefinders (Olympus 35RC, Minolta Hi-Matic E, Konica C35 e.t.c.) are all shutter priority or worse PROGRAM! whilst the Yashica electro 35's have aperture priority but seem to be larger. I dont need a camera immediately but am wanting a small one for general candids (friends, family & street scenes), what I would like to know therefore is can I get a small RF with aperture priority or must I resign myself to shutter priority? (I would also like a manual option) - my budget ought to be roughly 40.