Some of you may have been following this thread,, which migrated to a discussion about using color-negative motion-picture film. "Short ends" can be bought cheaply and rolled onto bulk 35mm cannisters

Using MP film opens up a huge arsenal of awesome films from both Kodak & Fuji, notably the venerable 500T (high-speed, tungsten balanced), in addition to the only option for 50 speed color negative stock.

Although these films aren't designed to be printed on RA-4 materials, they are excellent for scanning.

However, the problem has been processing, with some people resorting to C-41 with sub-optimal results.

The ideal solution is of course to get this film developed in the proper process, ECN-II. Cinelab in Massachusetts is now offering this service.

315 Pleasant St # 11
Fall River, MA 02721-3021

Although it is not expressly mentioned on their website, it has been confirmed through phone conversations and people are doing it. We should encourage them to start advertising the service on their website, or hey, even here on APUG!

Pricing is not exact, or hasn't been standardized yet, but it should be $10 or less, plus shipping. Turnaround might be a couple weeks, give or take. The more they get though, the quicker it will become.

I'd recommend sending in your rolls with a short note including your phone #, email address, shipping address and any special instructions.

So PLEASE, spread the word and start rounding up all the short ends you can find. This is an awesome opportunity!

Here are some links to get your drooling over motion-picture film....

(p.s. I have no idea bout b&w, or 65mm (IMAX), but it would be worth asking for sure.)