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Aside from technical considerations, how valid is it to suggest changes to someone else's images? Isn't that just saying, "Your vision is flawed. My vision is superior?"
Isn't all we can say, "My vision matches your vision of a particular image and therefore I like it," or "My vision does not match your vision of this image and therefore I think it can be improved to more closely match what I think it should look like,"?
Frank S.
To the original question: It *IS* "valid" to **SUGGEST** some sort of change, with a few hunderd caveats. One must be cognizant of the sensitivities of the critique-ee; never lose sight of the absolute RIGHT of the crititque-ee to make a photograph of whatever the #$!@ s/he wants to; realize the similarities/ differences in each of our individual visions; and above all KEEP it as a [ suggestion ], not a mandate or (ugh!) "command".
I have had my work "savaged" as described here - I have NEVER gleaned any useful information, let alone inspiration, from that savagery.

I have Sukach's first law of exhibition: 1. LISTEN to all critique - no matter what the motivation of the critic (takes a lot of self-discipline); 2. CONSIDER the content - I allow about three (3) three seconds; 3. If there is anything of value, INTEGRATE it into your pre-conscious - that is a pearl of great price, and a wonderful discovery ... If there is nothing of value, let it go as if it was never said. No reason to clutter your pre-conscious with unnecessary crap; and 4. Be nice - even though you may want to choke the living #@!$ out of ... anyway, be courteous and civil.

I'd write much more, but I keep getting timed out here.