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How do you evaluate T32's bounce in terms of effect it produce when shooting black-and-white portraits?


I have canon's speedlite 430ex II: Can my crazy idea work when I trigger this flash(430ex II) with wireless transmitter installed on OM-1n?
As for the T32's bounce capabilities, the auto exposure function built into the flash works well on an OM-1n. The only real issue is whether or not the flash has sufficient power to give you enough light to compensate for light loss inherent in using flash bounced off of a ceiling or other flat surface.

As the T32 doesn't swivel, you need to use the T32 on a separate bracket if you want to do side bounce and use the auto flash function.

As for the 430 ex II, it appears to me that it has no built in auto flash functions. You could use it as a manual flash and a flash meter, but for auto flash I believe you need to use it on a Canon EOS camera.