Hi guys,

So I have a Minolta 5 degree spot for years that I love and have all but nearly destroyed and was recently handed a Minolta Flash Meter V from a friend who is trying to convert me to incident readings. BUT, in ambi mode, set at the right ISO and speed, the f-stops are waaaaaaay off. Sitting here with a single lamp for lighting at my desk, it reads f/2.8 @ 60, ISO 64. ...Right....and when I go outside it keeps showing stuff like f/90 @ 2000, ISO 64.

What the deuce is going on here? It has the round globe as well as the flat style attachment, both of which give me these erratic readings.

Any help would be delightful, and if no one knows what to do, any recommendations for places that might calibrate/repair a Minolta meter?