Hi - New folk around here, but long time reader. I got myself in a situation that I need you all to weigh in. Well my lens' focus ring began to move and not actually move the lens mechanism under it. I believe the screws came loose and it was turning with nothing happening. So I turned it a bit by grasping it and the lens proceeded to unseat itself (I entered uncharted territory). I now realize that under the focus ring is the part that goes up and down and below that is the aperture settings, see below.

I see there are three screws that need to lock the focus ring into the mechanism (it is some kind of threaded riser) and one screw to make it throw from min to infinity, and I have no idea how high it needs to be (since it goes up and down and I moved it far from where it should be) and where the three pins need to be centered at and if the spot with the two screws needs to be set - at the near or infinity? I do see three spots on the riser that look like the three screws should align to but not sure.

Does anyone know how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again? I have tried for a few hours for no luck and now turn to my trusty friend, the internet to help. I am pretty technical so I think I can do it, but if you wish, tell me to take it in to a pro, it wont hurt my feelings. Thankfully I live in the Chicago area and International Camera is near but I think I can do it myself (maybe not??).

I love this lens so very much and really want to get it back to life, as I love to shoot low speed film and wide open, black and white or slide usually. Stopped shooting digital and went back to my roots and have been so happy developing and scanning em myself.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Forgive my unscientific terms, as I said before, I am not in charted territory (fixing lenses) but am one who can solder, etc, so I am pretty handy and technical, just not too sure of the names of all these parts and if you think a mortal shold attempt this?? I dont seem to be able to find a manual online for free anywhere either which doesnt help the cause...


Side by side:

Focus ring left and part it sits upon

Part focus ring sits upon

Score mark on part focus ring sits upon - what is that?

Part focus ring sits upon, lip with a indention where I think one of the screws goes? The score mark is a little to the left.