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Well, the other processing place I'm talking to is pretty keen on bundling in the service of "printing" them to release film, so then you'd have all your contrast and vibrance back where it's supposed to be.... then you could do what you will with the resulting slides.

Wow! Even more like Seattle Film Works!

For the record, I never had any problem with their product. I understand that by the end they were giving shoddy service, but that doesn't mean the concept wasn't valid.

In fact, when I checked the link Chris posted at the beginning that was one thing I was looking for, whether I could send them a roll of exposed film and get back a strip of negatives as well as a strip of positives.

Who would offer that with such short strips? And how would they expect you to deliver it? In respooled Tri-X canisters? Or just extract it yourself and send them the exposed strip?