Right, well I think i'm finally ready to give this a go. I'm going to shoot it at around 8ASA to compensate for age (expired 1967)

I've found an interesting article from Kodak that states you can save colour negs and slides that have been mistakenly developed in B&W chems and still get colour images.


The process I'm going to try and follow is:

1. Develop in XTOL or HC-110 (probably for around 6-7mins which is my standard for unknown expired B&W film) - 20degC

2. Water stop bath

3. Fix for 5 mins in standard Kodak Fixer with hardener

4. Rinse as normal

I'll then check whether I have any silver image at all.
If so, I'll try this (from the Kodak article)

5. In daylight - Blix from standard Tetenal 2-bath colour kit - 20degC 5 mins

6. In daylight - Wash

7. Expose to bright light for 15 secs each side

8. Process in Tetenal C-41 kit at 20degC for 16mins.

9. Wash as normal.

I'm a bit unsure as to what steps 5 to 8 will acheive, in particular, does anyone know why I would run the colour bleach stage first and in daylight?

Also I do not have separate bleach, only blix, does this matter? - I assume as the film has already been through the normal B&W fix stage, this shouldn't affect it?

I assume that step 8, means just the colour developer bit of the kit, not running the blix again?

Thanks for any advice! I'm not looking for stunning images, just interested in experimenting with 40 year old colour slide film and getting any colour at all!