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Not to discourage you, but that seems to point to DPUG to me, since the information about this service is of no possible use to anyone except hybrid printers.
There's really no need to go out of one's way to hunt down and destroy any mention of hybrid technology. If that was the subject of the entire thread, then your concern would be totally justified, but to have no elasticity in being able to read 5 words menting the word "scan", which by the way is completely unique to film, is really frustrating.

You could create a mask to control contrast and you could make analog separations for alternative proceses. To say it is of no use to anyone but hybrid printers is false.

I've posted a thread that has the intent of increasing film shooting and processing; would you prefer we have the moderator's remove it?

Please don't mention it again.

frobozz, I think you could liquidate a lot film if you wanted to. I'd even send you some bulk cannisters.