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This thread is about getting the film loaded and processed, and also says that one method of getting prints is to scan, not the only method. If this thread is moved to DPUG the information on getting the film processed might be lost.
I disagree that the statement regarding scanning states that "one method of getting prints is to scan, not the only method." The statement clearly positions scanning as the way to use these films, making this whole ECN-II thing primarily a hybrid process.

Getting the film loaded and processed is indeed what the thread is about...which is why the statement about scanning is so frustrating to me. The statement is brief, but it sets the stage for the entire process being discussed; it sets it as a hybrid stage, not an analog one; it makes it futile to me, in a way. So, IMO, either cut out the statement so it is not an issue, or move the discussion to a true hybrid stage: DPUG.

Unfortunately, they quit doing it a few years ago due to extremely low demand, but A and I lab here in L.A. used to sell pre-spooled short ends of all the MP films, and they would process them with the negative and print strip as standard procedure. The F64D and 500T were the particularly interesting emulsions to me. And yes, I scanned to print them! But if I ever wanted to talk about any aspect of it, I'd have gone to DPUG.

Anyhow, my initial statement was brief, and intended as a "just sayin'" type of comment. It did not warrant such an extreme response ("don't mention it again" and "go out of one's way to hunt down and destroy") simply due to one's personal annoyance with it.