"99.9% of this thread is about analogue movie film and the (very interesting) possibilities of using and processing it. I don't think that this would be of much interest or use to the average digital enthusiast."

And, as the OP stated with the sentence in question, nor would it be of much interest or use to the average analog enthusiast. That is exactly the alarm bell that threw the stage for this discussion off kilter in my thinking.

I don't know if you are aware that DPUG, though poorly named IMHO, is home to analog, digital, and hybrid discussions, not just digital. Hybrid Photo dot com was incorporated into it. As such, given your statement above, and mine below it, this discussion is not only A-OK there, but is actually in a much better place there, for it's own sake.

I am not hunting anything down or destroying anything or banishing anyone, so please reconsider the accuracy of those statements. I simply mentioned my belief that this is off topic, and got a foul response that deserved a rebuttal.