Thanks Curt! I took another 2 hours today and just felt all the parts and such and after a bunch of adjusting, it is back together! It is not 1:1 to what the focus ring says and what reality shows (e.g., when I measure out 3 feet and lock focus on an item at 3 feet and then look at the focus ring, it says something like 5 feet - but I am OK with that, so long as the pictures come out). I figure if it is in focus in the viewfinder, then it will be in focus on the film plane - which would not be the case if rangefinder. So I think I am going to just leave it as is - run some film through it, and call it a day if it works. If it doesnt, I will have it serviced. The aperture cant stop down anymore because I missed aligning that pin up (oh well), but that is no bother to me as I shoot 99% of my shots wide open and it is locked wide open now. I have no plans on selling this rig and find my new issues *charm*, so I guess I shrug my shoulders and just move on, maybe save the money and get some chromes run through the camera & savor the fun of it and not dwell on getting this thing back to perfect state since it took me so long to just get it here at 80% state. If it gets in my way I will have to drop the cash to get it serviced. In the meantime, got my eye on an old expired lot of tungsten 160T calling my name. Wishing you happy photos too and thanks for the advice.