Everyone likes to talk about the "best" or their "favorite" film, or film and developer combination.

Just for fun, so that others can avoid making the same mistake, what's your experience and opinion of the worst film or film and developer combo - and most importantly - why?

This is sort of like staying away from certain foods - my nomination for worst food - frozen spinach on a stick.

My nomination for worst film - Velvia. Why? I had to do job for a client and was talked into using Velvia (given 5 rolls as free samples). I shot one roll as a test and it looked okay in that Velvia hyper-color sort of way. I figured that since the shot I had to do was at dawn, that it would maybe increase color saturation of the reds in the sky.

Oooooh. Big Mistake. I shot three rolls of 120. Not one usable frame despite careful bracketing. It is the only film I think I've ever shot that had blocked shadows and blown-out highlights within the same frame. And that was the best exposure. The rest were either totally blocked or totally blown out. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

I know, my fault. High contrast situation + high contrast film. Don't do this.