Two tongs suffice; one for the developer and one switched between stop and fix. There are many substitutes for photo trays, such as the trays prepared food comes in or drawer dividers. Mark them for Dev., Stop, Fix, and Wash to prevent contamination. Also mark the tongs. I don't use tongs, but have to be careful not to get fix on the paper or into the developer. If desperate, one can line cardboard boxes with kitchen plastic wrap for one-time use as trays.

5x7 Premier safelights are nice. I gave my last one to someone setting up a darkroom, and get by with alternate safelights. Red LED bulbs are becoming inexpensive. Some red Christmas lights also work. A clock that indicates seconds is almost a necessity. Some of the old electric alarm clocks had neon bulb illumination which is fairly safe for paper. A kitchen timer is handy. Milk jugs can store wash water at room temprature. There are countless shortcuts for temporary darkrooms. Rather than rely only on advice like mine, analyze each need and consider all the possible ways of satisfying it. Always think. Humans may do it slower than computers, but civilization's great ideas came from someone's mind, not from electronic gadgets.