Hello from Colorado, USA!!

Although I say Colorado (since I, the publisher reside here), the magazine Films and Grains is GLOBAL! Our contributors come from all over the world! The first issue came out back in February 2011, and the second issue is scheduled for June 2011. The big idea is to put out 4 issues a year!!

So what exactly is Films and Grains?

Well, it's a magazine for analog photo lovers. We have two galleries in each issue. One is a regular (non-instant) analog photo gallery which usually has a specified theme, and we also have an instant analog photo gallery. Every issue features an analog photographer (interview and a showcase) and articles... and sometimes even work of fiction... as long as it has analog photos we'll take it!!

We are always accepting submissions. Please check us out for more info and ways to be a part of the magazine in filmsandgrains.com.