We've done some major renovations to our house and I'm going to be re-building my darkroom in a month or so. Originally, it was a dungeon in the basement, and as soon as it was dark enough to work in I stopped improving it. I produced some pretty good work in there but this time I'd like to do it as "right" as I can and with the money available so It's a real pleasure to be in there.

I have the same 11' x 10' dungeon I had before only now there's a heating duct going through the doorway . I'm going to put in a sink but will have to do with a slop bucket. Running water is much more doable but will have to wait for the money to pay for it. I'm not looking for a mansion; just a nice place to stay in until about 3AM, like I had before.

I know every darkroom is different. What I think I'm after is those "If I did this again I would..." and those "I thought this would work but..." and the "This was a hack but it turned out better than what I thought I wanted" kinds of revelations that (I think will) show up in a project like this.